Sujet Workshop The Objectivity of Moral Judgment 2019 01

Workshop: The Objectivity of Moral Judgment

24.-25. January 2019 – University of Klagenfurt


Thursday 24th January


Jens Timmermann (St. Andrews): Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives?

Friday 25th January

Lectures will take place in room N.1.71.

Timeslot Lecture
09:30-11:00 Giuseppe Motta (Graz)
The Objectivity of Theoretic, Aesthetic, and Moral Judgements: Three Models of Modality
11:10-12:40 Bernhard Ritter (Klagenfurt)
Why (and in What Sense) There Are No Moral Hypotheses
14:30-16:00 Maja Schepelmann (Berlin)
About Knowledge, Laws and Judging Authorities: Sketching out the Logi- cal and Moral Functionality of Purposiveness
16:10-17:40 Geertje Bol (St. Andrews)
What Kind of Lie? Kant  and von Herbert on Lies, Deception, and Reticence

Lecture will take place in room N.1.71.

This workshop is part of an interdiscipli nary cooperation project entitled THE XERCISE OF JUDGMENT IN THE EARLY MODERN PERIOD, boosted by HRSM funding from the Austrian Federal Minis try of Science, Research and Economy (see Additional fund ing comes from the Österreichische Hoch schulschülerInnenschaft (ÖH) and the Institute of Philosophy, Klagenfurt.