Pierre Schaschl and Karoline Schilcher, Foto: Rondo-Brovetto, P.

Update E.C.A.R.E. Project

We are completing the tests of the software and hardware equipment we will use in the field experiments of the E.C.A.R.E. Project together with some very fine and competent people.

Together with our E.C.A.R.E. partners we will switch on the system in 120 homes at the end of October 2019. In the picture software developer Pierre Schaschl and our graduate student Karoline Schilcher (who also holds an advanced nursing degree). There is so much to do in the field of digital innovation in social care!


E.C.A.R.E. Project, Foto: Rondo-Brovetto, P.

E.C.A.R.E. Project, photo: Rondo-Brovetto, P.