Recruitment of 15 Marie Sklodowska-Curie ESR Fellows

RECOMS is a Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSCA) Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission (2018-2022). RECOMS is comprised of a transdisciplinary consortium of scientists, practitioners and change agents from eleven public, private and non-profit organisations, located in six European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, Germany and The Netherlands.

The purpose of RECOMS is to train 15 Early Stage Research (ESR) Fellows in innovative, transdisciplinary and transformative approaches to promoting and facilitating resourceful and resilient community environmental practice. The 15 Early Stage Research Fellow vacancies are now open for applications.

In addition to engaging in a series of collaborative research and training activities, recruited ESRs will be supported in pursuing a doctoral study project. If you are highly motivated; inspired by learning and undertaking innovative research, thinking and knowledge exchange across disciplines, institutional boundaries and wider society; and wish to be part of an advanced, international, network of creative change agents specialising in resourceful and resilient community environmental practice; then one of these ESR vacancies could be the ideal appointment for you.

Co-supervised by academic and non-academic partners, the RECOMS ESRs will be encouraged to critically, practically, and creatively explore the contribution and relationships between their individual doctoral study projects across three interconnecting research themes: Unlocking and Empowering; Adapting and Transforming; Collaborating and Connecting. That is:

  • Empowering and unlocking the potential of vulnerable communities to become more resourceful
  • Strengthening the adaptive and transformative capacity of local groups through resourceful environmental practice as critical to building community resilience
  • Encouraging a more just and inclusive approach to stimulating community resourcefulness by nurturing broader participation in resourceful environmental practices.

A core feature of the RECOMS programme – both with respect to informing the design and delivery of all the training, as well as enabling and maximising opportunities for knowledge exchange through research and associated outputs – will be the incorporation of a broad range of visual and creative research methods and modes of communication.

The employment contract start date for all 15 ESR positions will be 1st September 2018. The deadline for applications is March 1st 2018. For further information on each of the positions, the corresponding doctoral study projects and host institutions, the recruitment process and links to the individual recruitment pages, please see below. More information can also be found via the following links:

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