Invitation D!ARC network meetings

We are delighted to invite you to the D!ARC net work meetings:

D!ARC net work is intended as an open and friendly for all disciplines and diverse academic levels. In particular, we provide a space for PhD candidates to meet, to discuss and also to present work. PhD candidates will get feedback on ongoing work, or even first ideas for a potential research project from an interdisciplinary community.

For further information, see here:

Darc Network Invitation


April 26th 10.30am-12pm: Kristen M. Scott (KU Leuven, exchange with D!ARC)

May 31st 1pm-2.30pm: Mathias Jesse (Doctoral School DECIDE, D!ARC)

June 14th 1pm-2.30pm: Miriam Fahimi (NoBIAS Project, D!ARC)

June 23rd 1pm-2.30pm: Thomas Marquet (Cybersecurity, D!ARC)


Outdoor HS A Košuta (alternativ V.1.07)

If you have any questions or if you would like to present your work at one of the futuremeetings do not hesitate to contact us:
uz_darc [at] aau [dot] at