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Since the 1960s, with the decline in “shared religion” as theorized by Talcott Parsons, sociological theorists in the tradition of Weber’s interpretative sociology have come to place more emphasis on sharing of language—linguistic community—as an intersubjective foundation for understanding of meaning. However, Weber himself saw linguistic community as constructed; it was an imaginary community demarcated not by language itself but by conscious opposition against outsiders. Hence, Weber felt, language can be a means to domination.

Prof. Dr. Mitsuhiro Tada studied sociology at Waseda University, where he obtained a PhD in 2011 with a thesis on the temporal construction of the social world. After a brief stint at Tokyo Metropolitan University, he joined the faculty of Kumamoto University, where he works as associate professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. An avid traveler, he is currently a visiting researcher at the Technical University in Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Mitsuhiro Tada
Kumamoto University, Japan, und TU Berlin

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