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Communicating across Cultures: We Are What We Speak

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In the upcoming guest lecture, Communicating across Cultures: We Are What We Speak, Dr. Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager will address the subject of inclusive, culturally informed, and effective communication in the global/izing world. First, she will briefly introduce identity politics as a core concept of intercultural studies, elaborating what identity categories are, how they are manifested, and how they define our individual and collective understanding of Selves and Others. Then, she will contextualize identities culturally and geo-politically, explore the concept of cultural layers, taxonomies, various similarities and differences among national cultures, and the ways how those similarities and differences are manifested linguistically. Special focus of the presentation will be dedicated to various examples of discursive framing, as well as idiomatic/proverbial/metaphoric elements of intercultural communication, because, after all, we create worlds with our words. We are what we speak.


Dr. Khrebtan-Hörhager is Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA, ( Director of Summer Education Abroad programs in Rome, Italy ( and a Global Scholar with the Institute of Shipment Education/Semester at Sea ( She is a former lecturer of German and Italian studies, a holder of three International Communication Association Top Paper Awards, and several communication studies Capstone Awards. Her research and teaching are in intercultural and international communication, European studies, global conflict, international cinematography, and critical media studies. Feminist perspectives on communication and business leadership with a global mindset are further areas of her scholarly focus. (Publications:


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