Human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) 1910 to 2005: HANPP paramaters by world regions.

This dataset contains data on potential NPP, HANPPharvest, HANPPland-conversion, HANPP by land use type and HANPP by human induced fires for world regions and country groups for the period 1910-2005. NPP flows are presented in 1000 tons carbon per year. Additionally data on population and land area are provided.
Quote data as: Krausmann, F., Erb, K.H., Gingrich, S., Haberl, H., Bondeau, A., Gaube, V., Lauk, C., Plutzar, C., Searchinger, T.D. 2013. Global human appropriation of net primary production doubled in the 20th century. PNAS 110 (10324-10329). Download paper from:

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