5 Dez

Infosession: Stipendium

Veranstaltungsort: Der Treffpunkt wird nach der Anmeldung per E-Mail bekannt gegeben.

Bei unserer Infosession am 05.12.2023 bekommst du alle wichtigen Informationen von der Stipendienstelle Klagenfurt! Komm vorbei und informiere dich um die Einreichungsfrist für Stipendien für dieses Studienjahr in knapp zwei Wochen nicht zu verpassen!Deine Peer-Tutor:innen

5 Dez

I shouldn’t have to try hard to fit in: A discursive analysis of women’s accounts of their performance in gendered organizations.

Veranstaltungsort: Z.1.29

Gendered organizations typically create a climate where women are not assumed to quite fit and are thus expected to be not as competent as men. This creates increased pressure on women not only to perform according to the prescribed policies and regulations, but very often to work beyond what is expected of them. The question remains whether such (over-)performance suffices for these women to develop a sense of felt inclusion and to be recognized as legitimate members of the organization. This talk unpacks the complexity of how women’s performance is perceived and received in highly gendered masculine organizations. The data sets consist of interviews with U.S. military women and dyadic coaching interactions between a coach and female leaders working in technology and reinsurance business. Our analysis reveals a problematic (self-)perception and reception of women’s (over-)performance that may have real-life consequences for their careers.