Deutsch Intensivkurs S1

Veranstaltungsort: n.n. (AAU)

Deutsch Intensivkurs für Teilnehmer/innen ab 17 Jahren, verschiedene Niveaustufen: Einstufungstest am ersten Kurstag; 2- bis 9-wöchige Variante möglich;kommunikativer SprachunterrichtFreizeitprogramm 24 UE (à 45 Min.) pro Woche

Computer Vision techniques for real estate rating

Veranstaltungsort: S.2.42

Computer vision and AI methods are percolating many branches nowadays. Also in the research field of real estate rating computer vision and AI methods have lead to very interesting innovations. In this research talk, real estate classification by AI-enabled computer vision techniques is discussed. The talk will give an overview of recent research efforts in the field and focus on latest findings of our research group. This consists of age or heating demand prediction of real estates by photographs as well as the analysis of satellite images for detecting building footprints.

Edge Intelligence and Protocols for IoT Applications

Veranstaltungsort: S.2.42

IoT-enabled applications increase tremendously in various sectors, such as transportation, healthcare, education, agriculture, and so forth. These applications sense properties using sensors, perform intelligence, and apply the findings using actuators. Instead of submitting sensor data directly to the cloud, intelligence could be performed with the inclusion of several edge/fog nodes. This improves the privacy and computation time of applications. This talk will provide insights on edge intelligence techniques for such IoT-enabled applications. In addition, a few protocols that are involved in such applications are discussed.