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Highly qualified for an international career: In an age of globalization, languages as well as cultural knowledge and skills are essential competencies to compete in international markets. The Master’s degree programme in International Management provides students with the opportunities to acquire these competencies. The mandatory semester abroad will broaden the horizon and enable students to establish and maintain social networks in culturally diverse countries. An excursion and a short-term period of study abroad also emphasize the cultural focus of the degree programme.

The programme is based on culture, economy and management. The entire Master’s degree programme is taught exclusively in English to guarantee the programme’s international flair. A mixture of courses related to marketing, innovation management, entrepreneurship, financial accounting, operations management, and logistics in global contexts serve the formation of management skills. In addition, the focus of the programme is to enhance intercultural skills. At least one excursion and a short-time period of study abroad in the Southeast and Eastern Europe region give students the opportunity to gain valuable international experience. “Go global” is the theme for the mandatory semester abroad, which can be completed anywhere in the world. This degree is unique due to the wide range of opportunities for gaining experiences abroad.

The wide spectrum of the management training qualifies graduates for a range of positions. Thanks to the international focus of the Master’s degree, our graduates are highly sought after by multinational companies and organisations.


  • Unique Master's programme with a limited number of students
  • A wealth of opportunities to become acquainted with other cultures in the course of excursions or by spending a period of study abroad
  • Over 100 partner universities all over the world
  • The campus in Klagenfurt offers excellent supervision arrangements, small seminar groups and manageable working groups. It is quick and easy to find friends and establish connections here!

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Level of qualification:
Master's degree programme


Master of Science (MSc)



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Study objectives

Students are shown how to address a variety of business administration issues in the respective cultural context. They are able to

  • autonomously develop solutions for business administration issues with/in an intercultural and international context, and can implement the solution in the practical setting.
  • critically analyse and evaluate decisions made by corporate management, giving due consideration to culture, organisation and market.
  • plan and implement the foundation of a businesses and innovations from a global and export-oriented perspective.
  • analyse international markets and respond flexibly to the cultural diversity of the stakeholders.
  • meet and overcome challenges in the sphere of international financial accounting and legal regulations.

Entrance examination

Prospective students are invited to complete an online application and electronically submit the following: a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae, a degree certificate for a completed Bachelor’s degree, proof of a relevant level of English proficiency, evidence of sufficient knowledge in the field of Business Administration. Following a thorough review of the submitted documents, all candidates will receive information in writing about the decision of the selection panel.

Application period for the entrance examination

1 March to 15 September 2019


Supplemental examinations

Students who are unable to demonstrate the required basic knowledge in business studies – examinations with at least 24 ECTS credits – must take part in an admission test. The test will be conducted in English.

Programme structure


Required subjectsPrinciples of International Business4.5
Principles of International Law1.5
International Marketing6
International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management6
International Financial Management6
International Operations Management and Logistics
Cultural Skills in SEE and CEE12
Global Cultural Skills6
Elective subjectsElectives I: Specialization in International Management16
Electives II: Advanced Cultural Skills6
Electives III: Advances in International Management12
Master thesisincluding two seminars
25 + 4


Practical training

Students can choose to replace the entire set of "Options“ worth 9 ECTS credits with a relevant work internship and an associated scientific reflection seminar. The internship can be completed in a domestic or foreign company, public administration, or with a non-profit organisation, and must have a minimum duration of 200 hours.

Periods of study abroad

Students are required to complete at least one compulsory semester abroad within the scope of the degree program. The native language of the student must not be the same as the official language of the host country or the language of tuition during the period of study abroad. Students must accomplish at least 18 ECTS credits during their time spent abroad, and are encouraged to select courses from the free electives worth a total of 6 ECTS credits.

Erasmus+ and Joint Study programs allow students to study at numerous partner universities in Europe and across the globe.

Careers and occupational profiles

Graduates of the Master's degree programme International Management are qualified for professional responsibilities in international and interdisciplinary fields, e.g. for the management of small and medium-sized businesses, management positions in the middle and upper management of international companies and organisations, as well as professional activities in university and non-university research institutions.

What our graduates say

"Master of International Management at AAU substantially enabled me to put my early discerned passion and fondness for the international beauty & fashion industry into occupational practice. I truthfully believe that especially the double degree program with La Rochelle Business School contributed markedly in pursuing a career in the luxury division of the global cosmetics market leader L´Oréal and be conducive to my current position at the French up-scale beauty brand Lancôme which I am proud to manage."

Mag. Nina Pongratz, Bakk. MSc.Product Manager Lancome L Oreal Luxe

"The Masters in International Management has provided me with some of the most crucial skills in taking a business from one market to international level. Market research, policies, finance, group work have enabled us to learn how to work in different groups of people, do proper planning and market analysis, position a business against its competition and so on. This experience has allowed me, and my other colleagues, to take on rolls in fastest growing business in Germany and the world. I believe it's a perfect learning experience, theoretically and practically, for anyone looking to work in business that runs on the international level."

Ante Letica, MSc.Head of Global Sales Operations , digidip, Berlin

It is exciting to study in a programme with students coming from all over the world. The programme helps me to study in an intercultural environment and to see management in a broader context. This study programme stands out due to the personal and professional support from the professors.

Roland TomaschitzCurrent student of International Management and former CEO of uniforce Consulting GmbH, Klagenfurt

Continuing your studies

Upon successful completion of the Master’s degree programme International Management, students can continue their studies in the Doctoral degree programme.

Specialist courses

Within the scope of the free electives and in accordance with the respective curriculum, students can receive credits for individual courses or for entire modules from other subject areas.

The admission procedure takes place once per academic year!

Application period:
1 March to 15 September 2019

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