Master Game Studies and Engineering

Contents of degree programme

The Master’s degree in Game Studies and Engineering is an interdisciplinary programme, instructing students on technical as well as analytical and ethical issues regarding video- and other games. Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences or/and Humanities, an interest in the development, analysis, critical reflection of videogames and proficiency in spoken and written English, are encouraged to enrol in this programme. The focus of the curriculum is on the multi-faceted nature and contextualisation of games with regard to an array of different but interconnected areas of investigation.

The Master’s degree provides an ideal platform to study and create games and multimedia applications. Committed and motivated teachers and bottom-up teaching methods will motivate students to focus intensively on game studies and game engineering and production. The practical nature of the programme is underpinned by a project semester as an integral part of the curriculum and collaborating with international partners from the fields of research, teaching and industry allows students to establish connections to relevant partners in the spheres of research, culture and games.


  • The degree programme has a strong interdisciplinary design and high practical relevance
  • Close cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Humanities
  • A strong network of international partner universities and organisations will assist students in terms of their career and the content of the degree
  • Relevant experience through project work
  • The campus in Klagenfurt offers excellent supervision arrangements, small seminar groups and manageable working groups. It is quick and easy to find friends and establish connections here!

Fact Box

Duration: 4 semesters
ECTS: 120
Level of qualification: Master’s degree programme
Degree: Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts (MA)
Prerequisites: Yes
Supplemental examinations: Yes
Special admission procedure: Yes
Language of instruction: English
Curriculum (PDF, German version, legally binding)
Curriculum (PDF, English version)

Contact details

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E-mail: studieninfo [at] aau [dot] at

Office of the Programme Director
E-mail: gse [at] aau [dot] at

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Study objectives

Students will learn about narrative and aesthetic aspects of games and their history, the technical process of game production, engineering and tools used, the game development and design process as a complex system involving different roles and competences, as well as ethical considerations and responsibilities of game developers.

Special admission procedure

To apply for the Master’s programme, applicants have to register online first. After they have created their personal account for registration, applicants have to upload a letter of motivation in English as well as further documents needed for the administrative procedure, such as a CV, a transcript of records, a Bachelor’s certificate as well as a copy of their passport. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Registration period for the special admission procedure

8th of January to 15th of September 2020

Registration period for applicants from third countries: 8th of January to 31th of May 2020


  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer sciences or Humanities, Social Sciences or Cultural Studies

  • Or: A comparable academic degree comprising at least 180 ECTS credits, e.g. a teacher training degree in English, in History, … etc.

  • English language proficiency in writing and speaking  - level C1

  • A strong interest in video and computer games, analogue games and multimedia applications

Programme structure


Required subjects
Supplementary subjects:
  • Technical Sciences
  • Cultural and Media Sciences
  • Specialisation
Your choice supplementary subjects will depend on your Bachelor's degree.
Game Engineering18
Game Studies22
Practical training
Game Production12
Elective subjects
  • Technical Sciences
  • Cultural and Media Sciences
Master thesis incl. research seminar


Practical training

In order to strengthen practical and research skills, students must complete a placement, selecting one of the following two options:

  • A supervised research placement (worth 10 ECTS credits) to be completed as part of a predefined project at the university or at an independent research institution (domestic or foreign).
  • A supervised industry placement (worth 10 ECTS credits) in a domestic or foreign business, a body of public administration, a non-profit organization or an independent research organization to be completed as part of a predefined project with a minimum duration of two months.

Relevant professional activities conducted prior to or during the Master’s degree programme may be accredited as practical experience worth a total of 10 ECTS credits in certain justified cases.

PDF, German version
legally binding!

PDF, English version
for information purposes only!

Periods of study abroad

In general, students are encouraged to spend a period of time studying abroad.

Erasmus+ and Joint Study programs and the good relations of your professors allow students to study at numerous partner universities in Europe and across the globe.

Careers and occupational profiles

Graduates will receive a Master of Science (MSc) or a Master of Arts (MA), depending on their chosen specialization during the programme. A degree in Game Studies and Engineering will allow students to work in the games industry as valuable team members with a wide range of skills. The interdisciplinary nature of the programme, combining technical, analytical, and critical competences, will give students an advantage over one-sided schooling. In addition, graduates will also be able to work in the advertising and media industry.


My first encounter with computers and programming was through video games. Engineering games is a great domain and motivation to apply everything learned in computer science in a tangible way.

Mathias Lux
Mathias Lux Associate Professor at AAU Klagenfurt and head of the curriculum committee.

“Videogames are the leading medium of the 21st century, so we need to see diversified, creative, and critically reflected designs. We provide our students with the competences it takes to effectively shape the future of the medium.”

René Schallegger
René SchalleggerAssistant Professor of Game Studies and member of the curriculum committee.

“The program offers the best possible foundation of the Humanities and Computer Science to understand the complexity of videogames: Students learn to construct games as interactive experiences and deconstruct them as an influential modern medium.”

Vanessa Erat
Vanessa EratMember of the curriculum committee

Continuing your studies

Upon successful completion of the Master’s degree programme Game Studies and Engineering, students can continue their studies in the Doctoral degree programme.

Specialist courses

Within the scope of the free electives and in accordance with the respective curriculum, students can receive credits for individual courses or for entire modules from other subject areas.

The special admission procedure takes place once per academic year!

Registration period:
8th of January to 15th of September