Helga Rabenstein-Moser

Helga Rabenstein-Moser is the new Student Ombudswoman

As of 1 October 2020, Helga Rabenstein-Moser will take over as Student Ombudswoman in Klagenfurt for the next three years. The Office of the Student Ombudsman was established at the University of Klagenfurt in 2014 and, until now, Hans-Joachim Bodenhöfer has provided students with advice and assistance.

Daily routines are not always straightforward for students: Sometimes they experience difficulties too great for them to cope with on their own. This is why the higher education sector has its own ombudsman service: An office students can turn to in confidence in the event of complaints related to their studies (i.e. matters relating to studies, teaching, examinations and administrative affairs), if they are experiencing conflict or have questions, or if they have any other specific concerns.

The Office of the Student Ombudswoman acts as a special authority in cases of conflict, where issues relating to teaching and studies cannot be satisfactorily resolved through regular channels, i.e. by the bodies that hold primary responsibility (Head of Department, Degree Programme Director, Student Union representatives, Office of Academic Affairs). The Office of the Student Ombudswoman can be called upon when all regular paths towards solution and mediation have failed. In such cases of conflict, the Student Ombudswoman contacts the parties involved and works with them to find appropriate solutions, as well as providing advice and assistance to students.

About the person

Prof.in i. R. Mag.a Dr.in Helga Rabenstein-Moser was a member of the academic staff at the Department of Romance Studies from 1977 until her retirement in 2013. Her research included modern, especially contemporary French literature, cultural studies and didactics of language and literature. She was Vice-Rector for International Affairs from 1999 to 2003 and headed the university cultural centre UNIKUM for 25 years.



Office of the Student Ombudswoman at the University of Klagenfurt (German web page)
Helga Rabenstein-Moser