Can you build the best music recommendation system?

Researchers of TU Dortmund and AAU have recently successfully participated in the KKBOX Music Recommendation Challenge in the context of the WSDM conference. With their learning-based method they could secure the 8th place among over 1,000 teams that registered for the competition on

Job Announcement: We are hiring a University Assistant (Doctoral Student)

The Department of Applied Informatics (Information Systems) invites applications for the position of a

University Assistant (prae doc)

Duration of employment: 4 years

Job description:

  • Scientific research with the goal to obtain a doctorate degree (PhD)
  • Participation in research projects
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When computers set the prices

In a recent article published in the renowned Descision Support Systems journal, researchers of AAU presented a new AI-based algorithm for automated pricing in e-commerce. The new algorithm was already successfully applied in practice on a major German e-commerce site.

Information Systems: Suggested Topics for Master Thesis

The following topic is offered for a Master’s thesis:
“Data analysis on the effectiveness of recommendation systems”
This topic is suitable for students of Applied Computer Science or Information Management.

For further information please contact Prof. Dietmar Jannach, Research Group Information Systems.

Sei dabei am 21.Dezember 2017 beim Vortrag: Affective Personalization: from Psychology to Algorithms

Am Donnerstag, 21.Dezember 2017 ist Dr. Marko Tkalčič von der Freien Universität Bozen zu Gast in der Forschungsgruppe Information Systems und hält um 15 Uhr im E. 105 einen spannenden Vortrag zum Thema Empfehlungssysteme (Titel: Affective Personalization: from Psychology to Algorithms).