Master English and American Studies

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The Master‘s programme in English and American Studies teaches theoretical and practical skills in the English language as well as in a range of specialist and general professionally relevant subjects. Depending on the selected specialisation, students deepen their knowledge in the spheres of Applied Linguistics or in Literary and Culture Studies. Upon completion of their studies, M.A. degree holders are not only endowed with subject-specific knowledge and skills, which serve as a basis for a career as researcher, but they are also equipped with the cultural, methodological, and factual knowledge required to perform responsible activities in economics, politics, in the arts and in the cultural sphere.

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Level of qualification:
Master's degree programme


Master of Arts (MA)



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Curriculum/Studienplan (PDF, German version, legally binding)
Curriculum (PDF, English version)

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Study objectives

The Master’s programme conveys practical language skills. Students  learn subtle text comprehension and master the production of situation-adequate verbal and written texts. Thus, they acquire complex knowledge of the English language. The in-depth methodological skills include the knowledge of theory formation, the ability to think analytically and to grasp complex relationships. Students are taught to confidently argue in a subject-specific manner and creatively transfer the acquired knowledge to new fields of activity.

In addition to teaching the skills required to reflect on the language, with which students gain in-depth insights into the function, performance and structure of the language and experience regional and historical conditions, the degree also trains the cultural science skills: Here, students learn the differentiated and independent handling of literary and other types of texts, cultural artefacts and films, as well as gaining the skills to situate, analyse and critique them.

In addition, the degree qualifies students to deal with current cultural, social, and political problems of anglophone cultures in a differentiated and problem-conscious way.

Admission to the degree programme

The admission to the degree programme must take place before the end of the extension period (winter semester: 9 July to 30 November | summer semester: 8 January to  30 April).



Bachelor's degree programme English and American Studies or a degree programme of equivalent academic value at another post-secondary educational institution

English Language Level C1

Programme structure



Required subjects
Research Foundations
Elective Subjects 
Specialisation through the choice of one subject:
  • Linguistics
  • Literature and Culture Studies

Master thesis

Overall examination

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Curriculum in English (PDF)

The legally binding version of this curriculum is the german version!

Periods of study abroad

All students enrolled in English and American Studies are urgently advised to complete part of their degree programme (at least one semester) as a study period abroad in an English-speaking region. Moreover, all students are encouraged to participate in a scheduled excursion.

Erasmus+ and Joint Study programmes allow students to study at numerous partner universities in Europe and across the globe.

Careers and occupational profiles

This degree enables graduates to work in a variety of established and alternative occupational fields. Although these occupational fields feature highly diverse job profiles, they all have in common that in addition to the ability to deal with language (mother tongue and foreign language) consciously and in a differentiated way, they require a high level of cultural and scientific-analytical competence. These professional fields include:

  • publishing editor
  • cultural and administrative affairs
  • international co-operation in education and science
  • extra-mural and operational training and continuing education
  • translator
  • mass communication activities (press, radio, television, film, digital media, and video games)
  • advertising industry
  • leisure and tourism sector
  • linguistically oriented occupations (development of encyclopedias, textbooks, etc.)
  • archives and libraries

What our graduates say

"I would like to highlight the support I received from the English Department as a particularly positive feature of the degree programme. Innovation, creativity, and an interdisciplinary approach were actively encouraged. Small group sizes and the collegial support of the Department's teaching staff shaped the foundations for a positive university experience and contributed significantly to the timely conclusion of my studies."

Mag. Stefan MassingerHR Manager LKW WALTER International Transport Organisation AG

Continuing your studies

Upon successful completion of the Master’s degree programme English and American Studies, students can continue their studies in the Doctoral degree programme.

Specialist courses

Within the scope of the free electives and in accordance with the respective curriculum, students can receive credits for individual courses or for entire modules from other subject areas.

Term dates & deadlines

Winter semester 2019/20

General admission period:
9 July to 5 September

Extended admission period:
6 September to 30 November

To the academic year

Term dates & deadlines

Summer semester 2020

General admission period:
8 January to 5 February 2020

Extended admission period:
6 February to 30 April 2020

To the academic year