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Teen dating violence has a long-term negative impact

The risk of experiencing or perpetrate violence in teenage relationships is high: around 20 percent for physical violence and around 9 percent for sexual violence. A research team of health psychologists has now conducted a systematic review study to determine the extent to which these experiences have a long-term impact. The results show: Adolescents who experience or perpetrate teen dating violence (TDV) are more likely to report the same in adulthood. In addition, long-term evidence shows that youth reporting dating violence are more likely to later engage in increased risk behaviours (for example, alcohol and marijuana use) and poor mental health.   

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Widely available and affordable: Programme promoting mental health among adolescents moves to the next level

Early adolescence is a key stage for mental health. Young people in Eastern Europe are currently facing particular challenges, as they are confronted by poverty and inequality on the one hand, and are often adversely affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on the other. In a project funded by EU HORIZON EUROPE, researchers are developing tools to promote the mental health of adolescents, specifically in Eastern Europe, in a manner that is both affordable and scalable.

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Kerstin Kulterer-Prodnik and her leap into self-employment

Kerstin Kulterer-Prodnik studied Psychology at AAU. At the beginning of 2018 she ventured into self-employment and opened her own practice in Villach. In an interview, she talks about her study days in Klagenfurt, who inspired her and gives today’s students valuable advice for the future!  Read more

Psychosocial work: promoting competences and encouraging development

Stefan Weisbach completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology at AAU and was also involved in the Austrian Students Union (ÖH) for several semesters. During his studies, he organised major student integration football tournaments, for example with the participation of ASPIS, the Psychosocial Centre for Refugees and Victims of Violence. Today he runs a child and youth welfare institution in Carinthia and runs his own practice for psychological counselling, coaching and psychosocial support in Klagenfurt. Read more