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Flying by radar: New navigation technology for drones

Autonomous drones typically use the GPS satellite navigation system to navigate autonomously. In the absence of sufficient GPS coverage, many drones rely on cameras. Both technologies have drawbacks. Researchers involved in the CARNIVAL project are currently working on new methods to improve radar navigation.  

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Intelligent surgical robots are validated in cooperation with KABEG

Assistive robots are already in use in many operating theatres. However, they are often only used as teleoperators or assistants that hold and direct tools. Researchers at the University of Klagenfurt are working on new technologies that will enable robots to perform new tasks during operations. The algorithms developed in recent years are now being validated in cooperation with KABEG.

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To improve safety: Using swarms of drones to inspect bridges

The construction industry is also benefiting from digitalisation: BIM (Building Information Modelling) creates digital twins of construction projects, from planning to maintenance. To ensure that the condition of civil infrastructure such as bridges can be continuously mapped in the digital twin, it is planned to collect data from swarms of drones in the future. In a project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), researchers at the University of Klagenfurt are now developing a technology that will increase the reliability and robustness of inspection missions by swarms of drones.

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Physics in action: Excursion to the Technical Museum Vienna for students of the technical sciences

Anyone who believes that students of the technical sciences spend all their time in lecture halls and laboratories is taught otherwise at the University of Klagenfurt. Christian Bettstetter, Udo Schilcher and Melisa Midžan recently organised a trip to the Museum of Technology Vienna for the students in their course “Principles of Physics: Electricity and Magnetism“.

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