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The brown scent of coffee: Doctoral student investigates the language of smells

Can you smell it too, the brown scent of coffee or the black odour of smoke? Julia Salzinger is a doctoral student at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Klagenfurt and is investigating the expressions we use to describe smells in English.

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English and American Studies: A passion for language and culture

Ateesha Sethia’s decision to study in Klagenfurt was a thoughtful one. After all, the student of English and American Studies, has seen over 50 countries and has lived in 7 of them before choosing to stay here. After growing up in a city of 15 million people, calling herself a “big-city-person”, she values Klagenfurt as a city that offers the best of both worlds – an abundance of nature and still, all the amenities of a big city. 

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Insights into KuWi teaching… 3 questions for Nursen Gömceli

What happens to feminism in the digital age? With her course, Nursen Gömceli offers students an opportunity to get insights into how digitalization has changed feminist activity in the 21st century. Students are engaged to find out how digital tools can be used to change things for the better. 

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Studying English and American Studies: “I feel like I am part of a huge university family!

Tamara Urach from Wolfsberg is about to complete her teacher education programme in English and History. She is so enthusiastic about the English language and culture that she decided to do an additional Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies. In this interview, she tells us what she likes about the University of Klagenfurt and why freshers should dare to do something.

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