Interdisciplinary exchange on current challenges in health organisations at the LSZ Health Congress in Loipersdorf

Guido Offermanns moderated the LSZ Health Congress in Loipersdorf on 4th and 5th July 2023 and also contributed with presentations in workshops. At the congress, the focus was on interdisciplinary exchange between decision-makers from the Austrian health and social care sectors. In a highly interactive atmosphere, the challenges in the fields of medicine, nursing, therapy, administration, IT, management, quality management and HR were discussed together, best practices were presented and valuable experiences were shared.


Guido Offermanns spoke on the topics “Does a higher degree of patient safety reduce costs? – What role does the patient safety culture play?” and “Negotiations – a core competence for managers – How can better negotiation results be achieved in interdisciplinary teams?



Andrea Schweiger from the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Hospital Organisation and PhD student at the Institute presented a paper on “Empirical data on the quality of work in multidisciplinary teams using a self-assessment instrument – approaches to improving work in teams”. Guido Offermanns was co-author here.

The students of the ULG Management in Health Organisations ( were also represented at the congress and were thus able to inform themselves about the new developments in the health system and in the industry, make active contributions and network.

The next Health Congress will take place again in Loipersdorf on 2nd and 3rd July 2024.

Aftermovie Health Congress 2023:

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