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Erasmus+ student mobility in Finland: Marie’s story of personal growth and academic exploration

Marie is currently studying Media and Communication at the University of Klagenfurt. She spent an exchange semester at the University of Turku, Finland. In this interview she shares experience from her mobility and why she would recommend spending a semester abroad to prospective outgoing exchange students.


Tell us something about yourself, what do you study at AAU and why you decided to spend a semester abroad.

I’m originally from northern Germany and am currently studying Media and Communication in Klagenfurt.

Choosing to spend a semester abroad was a deliberate decision based on my past experiences. I deeply value the enriching experiences of connecting with people from diverse cultures. This opportunity allows me to broaden my horizons by exploring different courses and gaining valuable insights. Moreover, it aligns with my goal of moving abroad after my studies, giving me a chance to explore different countries and find potential places to live.


Why did you decide to spend an exchange period at your chosen host university?

I decided to pursue an exchange period at the University of Turku primarily due to its outstanding reputation for academic excellence. Beyond that, I was drawn to the allure of Nordic countries, particularly Finland, renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes and exceptional quality of life. The prospect of experiencing this unique blend of top-notch education and the opportunity to immerse myself in a country celebrated for its natural beauty and high living standards motivated my choice of the University of Turku for my exchange period.


From an academic and personal perspective, in what ways did you benefit from taking part in a mobility programme?

Participating in a mobility program brought about multifaceted benefits both academically and personally. Academically, the program provided me with an opportunity to broaden my educational horizons. Interacting with a diverse range of professors and students at the host university in Finland enriched my learning experience by exposing me to different teaching methods, perspectives, and academic approaches. This exposure expanded my intellectual flexibility and enhanced my ability to adapt to varying academic environments.

Moreover, the mobility program allowed me to delve into a different cultural and social setting, fostering personal growth and a deeper understanding of global diversity. Immersing myself in the Finnish culture not only broadened my worldview but also encouraged me to embrace new perspectives and adapt to unfamiliar situations. This experience greatly contributed to my personal development, nurturing qualities like adaptability, open-mindedness, and cultural sensitivity.

The program also provided a platform for building international connections and friendships. Engaging with fellow students from various backgrounds not only enriched my social network but also exposed me to different lifestyles, beliefs, and values, fostering mutual respect and understanding.


Has your view of the world changed through your mobility period? If yes, how?

Yes, my view of the world has indeed undergone a significant transformation as a result of my mobility period. Immersing myself in a new cultural setting in Finland provided me with a profound insight into global diversity, which fundamentally altered my perspective.

The mobility period challenged my preconceived notions and stereotypes. Being in a new environment pushed me to question assumptions I held about different cultures and societies. Through first-hand experiences and interactions, I gained a more nuanced and authentic understanding of Finland and its people, realizing the limitations of generalized beliefs or stereotypes.


Would you recommend spending a semester abroad to other AAU students? Can you tell us why?

Absolutely, if I could impart one piece of advice to my fellow AAU students, it would be this: take the leap and embark on a semester abroad. Why? Because this experience has the power to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

Let’s start with the academic aspect. The opportunity to explore different courses and teaching methods broadened my intellectual horizons in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It wasn’t just about attending classes; it was about seizing the chance to delve into subjects that weren’t available in my home university. I was exposed to innovative approaches that challenged my thinking and expanded my understanding of various subjects. It’s not just about textbooks; it’s about gaining insights that transcend traditional classroom boundaries.

Moreover, friendships formed during my time abroad were life-changing. I forged connections with people from diverse backgrounds. These friendships weren’t just about sharing experiences; they were about learning from each other, embracing our differences, and realizing the beauty of global unity. These are the connections that remain etched in my heart, reminding me of the richness diversity brings to our lives.

Immersing myself in a new culture was eye-opening. It’s one thing to read about a country in books, but quite another to live and breathe its culture. This experience shattered stereotypes and misconceptions I might have held. It taught me to appreciate the intricacies and nuances of a culture, and that diversity isn’t just a concept – it’s a vibrant reality that enriches our lives.

This journey wasn’t just about discovering a new place; it was about discovering myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone pushed me to grow – personally, emotionally, and intellectually. It taught me resilience, adaptability, and the value of embracing change. It transformed me into a more open-minded and globally aware individual.

So, if you’re contemplating a semester abroad, let me assure you, it’s more than an adventure – it’s a catalyst for personal growth and academic exploration. It’s a chance to create enduring friendships, delve into new academic realms, immerse yourself in a vibrant culture, and emerge as a more enriched version of yourself. Trust me, this experience will change you, and the person you become will thank you for it.


Can you give prospective outgoing students some tips to make the most out of the mobility?

Logistically, while the Erasmus Student Network provides a fantastic platform to kickstart your social life, don’t confine yourself to this circle alone. Venture beyond and actively seek friendships with locals. Engaging with individuals based in the country offers a deeper understanding of their culture and lifestyle, enriching your experience immensely.

Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of connections. Reach out to locals or previous outgoing students via social media platforms before your journey. Their insights, recommendations, and tips about daily life and cultural nuances can be invaluable in navigating your new environment smoothly.

Academically, embrace the diversity offered by the host university. Don’t shy away from exploring unfamiliar courses or subjects. This is your chance to broaden your academic horizons and delve into areas of study not typically available at your home institution.

Strategic planning is key. Familiarize yourself with the course offerings beforehand and craft a schedule that aligns with your academic goals while allowing for exploration.


Word Rap:

My first day at the host university was… exciting and covered in snow

When in Turku you should not miss out on… the vibrant student events

The best 3 things about an exchange semester: 1. Forming new international connections 2. Truly immersing oneself in a different culture 3. Gaining a profound understanding of what it truly means to be open-minded

My studies abroad in 3 words… surprising, breathtaking and fun