Researchers from Klagenfurt participate in an Analog Mars Mission in Oman

The deserts of Dhofar, the largest governorate in the Sultanate of Oman, bear a remarkable similarity to the surface of Mars in terms of structural composition. The Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) has therefore chosen Oman as the location of a large-scale Analog Mars Mission  scheduled for February 2018 in order to conduct field studies. 16 experiment teams will participate in this event, including the research group for autonomous drone navigation led by Stephan Weiss.

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Smaller & lighter: Printed sensors for spectrometers

Imagine that a pipeline that stretches for miles and miles springs a leak. Traditionally, this would mean many miles of walking for someone tasked with finding the hole. In an ideal world, this search for the precise point of methanol leakage could also be performed by a drone, onto which a spectrometer has been mounted that specializes in analysing chemical samples. Existing devices are currently far too heavy; the drone would soon have to give up. Lisa-Marie Faller is working on a technology, with which the fitted spectrometers can be made much smaller and would therefore be suitable for this type of deployment, amongst others. In recognition of her work, the doctoral student received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE Conference EuroSimE in Dresden in April.

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TV-Tipp: Auf dem Mars, da gibt’s kein GPS

Auf dem Mars, da gibt’s kein GPS – Eine Drohne findet sich auch ohne Navigationssystem zurecht. Am Institut für intelligente Systemwissenschaften an der Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt wird derzeit intensiv an der Navigation einer Marsdrohne geforscht, denn das Navigationssystem fehlt auf dem Roten Planeten. Read more

Drahtlose Sensoren für die Erkennung von Vereisungen auf Flugzeugen

Industrie und Wissenschaft arbeiten gemeinsam an der Entwicklung von drahtlosen Sensoren, um Vereisungen auf Flugzeugen zu erkennen. Das Institut für Intelligente Systemtechnologien leistet dazu einen Beitrag und bringt seine Expertise im Bereich Sensorik ein.

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