Allow us to introduce: Fräulein Flora

Eva Krallinger-Gruber, from Salzburg, studied Journalism and Communication Studies at AAU. She has worked in France, Belgium, America and Switzerland. Now she is her own boss, and spends her time showing what Salzburg has to offer in the online city magazine ‘Fräulein Floras Favourite Hangouts’. She runs the blog together with her husband and is planning to publish her own magazine soon. In the interview she explains why she chose to study in Klagenfurt and what advice she would give to students today. Read more

Jugendliches Handyfilmen

Das Thema Jugend und Handyfilm ist überschattet von Cybermobbing und negativ konnotiert. Die beiden Sozialanthropologen Ute Holfelder und Christian Ritter erforschten das Phänomen und konzipierten eine Ausstellung, die im Mai 2017 an der Alpen-Adria-Universität zu sehen sein wird. Dabei zeigt sich, dass Handyfilme viel weniger mit „Sex & Crime“ zu tun haben, als es Massenmedien vermitteln.

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A reunion with … Margit Heissenberger

Margit Heissenberger studied Educational Science in Klagenfurt and earned her doctorate in Psychology. After many years in Vienna, Brussels and New York, she now lives in Velden again and is the managing director of the “Initiative für Kärnten” (Initiative for Carinthia). She has spoken to ad astra about her way back to Carinthia.  Read more

“With language you can move everything in life”

Silke Bergmoser is the first female director of a HTL (Secondary Technical School) in Carinthia and this year she received the Femme-Award as Carinthian of the Year 2015. However, she is not resting on her laurels, but is looking ahead to the future in a focused manner. Portrait of a woman who knows what she can do: “I will certainly not become a teacher!”  Read more