Die Uni radelt

The cycling season is open, the challenges start!

Along with the cycling season, the competition is now open! As AAU student or AAU staff member you can now register at kaernten.radelt.at (simple instructions on how to register can be found on our website) and log as many bike kilometres as possible.

We will be selecting the most dedicated cyclists of the MONTH OF MAY in the following categories:

  • Most kilometres cycled overall
  • Most kilometres commuted by bike (i.e. use the tag “PENDELN“ in the comment field when you log your kilometres)
  • Longest (single) cycled commuting route
  • Most altitude metres covered in a single journey while commuting by bike
  • Most frequent (simple) commute by bike
  • Longest (kilometres) business trip (AAU staff)

Attention: Enter each commute individually. Anyone who commutes by bike in the morning and evening generates TWO ”single” entries daily using the label PENDELN. However, each of these entries will contain ALL legs of the journey completed by bike (in my case, for example: Distance from home to the train station plus distance from the train station Klagenfurt West to the university).

There are attractive prizes to be won in May:

Uni hoodies, uni t-shirts, uni picnic blankets and uni bath towels

The university is delighted about every kilometre cycled! So: Ditch the car and get on your bike!

The most dedicated cyclist of the semester will receive a voucher for the whole family for a guided hike among the Swiss pines in the Nockberge mountains accompanied by a ranger from the Biosphere Reserve!