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Compulsory education: “The discussion is not really about the young people but rather about other interests.”

In Austria, there is not only a training guarantee for minors, but also a training obligation: all young people must complete an apprenticeship, a training programme or similar measures after completing compulsory schooling if they do not attend secondary school. In his recently published postdoctoral thesis, Alban Knecht investigates the following questions: How does labour market policy support young people entering the labour market? And where does it tend to hinder them? He has analysed political discourses and institutional changes in the promotion of employment and labour market policy for disadvantaged young people in Austria.

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Moving out at 18 and then dealing with life by yourself? New project examines the importance of family for care leavers

Care leavers – these are young people who grow up outside the family in child and youth welfare care and who embark on the path to adulthood from there – often experience the transition to independence at the age of 18 as very abrupt. While other young adults can usually count on the support of their family for many years to come, many care leavers often find themselves alone. A research project is investigating the role of the family and social networks in the transition to adulthood. Researchers are currently analysing initial data from the interviews.

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