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Shudian Zhao is awarded the dissertation prize of the Austrian Society for Operations Research

Shudian Zhao received the prize for her doctoral thesis, completed in 2022, entitled “Splitting into pieces: alternating direction methods of multipliers and graph partitioning”. 

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Sarah Jane Selkirk receives Award of Excellence

University mathematics is creative. Sarah Jane Selkirk, who came to Klagenfurt from South Africa as a doctoral student in 2020 and completed her doctorate as part of the doc.funds doctoral school “Modeling – Analysis – Optimisation of discrete, continuous, and stochastic systems”, is particularly keen to solve puzzles in an imaginative way. On 7 December 2023, she was presented with the Award of Excellence.

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How do subsidies affect land use?

The European Union has set ambitious targets for the agricultural sector with the Green Deal until 2030. To achieve these, land use and land management need to be regulated in a finely tuned way. Alexander Mozdzen, PhD student at the Department of Statistics at the University of Klagenfurt, in collaboration with Tamás Kristin (IIASA) and Gregor Kastner (University of Klagenfurt), has developed an innovative Bayesian space-time model to analyse the impact of agricultural subsidies on land use in Europe. The model aims to provide a clearer assessment of which policies have been effective in regulating land use.

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How can renewable energy satisfy the demand for electricity as far as possible?

Wind, sun and water do not produce constant amounts of energy. What’s more, renewable energy is difficult to store. Michaela Szölgyenyi is working on mathematical methods that can be used, for example, to better predict how much electricity a solar power plant will most likely produce at any given time.

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