Paul Schweinzer and Martin Wagner Awarded Title of Full Professor by University of Ljubljana

The School of Economics and Business (EF – Ekonomska Fakulteta) of the University of Ljubljana has awarded the two economics professors Paul Schweinzer and Martin Wagner the title of “full professor for economics” (redni profesor za področje ekonomija). This will contribute to establishing a firmer base for the existing cooperation, for instance with regard to teaching in the Doctoral Programme in Business and Economics of the EF. Martin Wagner has been teaching at the EF – with interruptions – for more than 20 years, mostly in the PhD programme. Paul Schweinzer has been holding the Microeconomics / Game Theory lecture in this programme since 2018. These courses are also open to PhD students at the AAU and many other partner universities via CESEENet. Intensifying the cooperation between EF and W&R is particularly relevant in view of the Double Degree Programme planned by the two faculties.