Humans in the Digital Age: New thematic doctoral programme

As of the winter term 2023/24, doctoral students will be able to enroll in a new thematic doctoral programme at the AAU: Humans in the Digital Age (HDA).

Digital technologies have transformative effects on most areas of our lives. And while the digital transformation brings about new research agendas and fields, the research questions that emerge often demand novel methodological and conceptual approaches and can substantially benefit from taking the interrelations between different disciplinary perspectives into account. In line with this, the doctoral programme HDA starts from the premise that understanding and shaping the digital transformation requires disciplinary entrenchment as well as a sensitivity for the interrelation between different disciplinary perspectives.

The programme is open to all doctoral students at the AAU who work on crucial questions of our digital age in one of a broad and varied range of research areas It provides doctoral students with access to the theories, methods, tools, and skills needed to investigate and understand the ongoing digital transformation from various perspectives, as well as to actively and responsibly contribute to shaping digital technologies and their usage contexts. The teaching plan foresees a combination of mandatory courses (10 ECTS) and elective courses (8 ECTS) that include a doctoral colloquium, courses that develop and academic core skills as well as dedicated theory and method classes that can be tailored to students’ needs.

In a supportive and interdisciplinary space, doctoral students strengthen their skills in critical thinking, recognizing ethical aspects, and communicating effectively. While developing high-level technical skills, they also learn about alternative methodologies, thus strengthening their creative problem-solving skills. The collective formats and the continuous exchange with peers and more senior researchers support the advancement of individual PhD projects all the way to successful completion.



The doctoral programme HDA starts in the winter term 2023/24 at AAU. It is possible to enter into the programme at any time. If you are interested in enrolment, please see the list of potential supervisors and follow the admission process indicated here. The language of instruction is English.