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“Diverse, free and young”… Lucia Schöpfer tells of her studies

Lucia Schöpfer, who holds a master’s degree in Media, Communications and Culture, is Communication Manager at Anexia. The tools she needs for her current job in the IT company, she learned through her many experiences and opportunities she gained during her studies, when she was part of the Student Union. In the interview, the Communication Manager reveals that she sees studying as a personality development, in which diversity and interdisciplinarity are crucial.

What were your motivations to study at the University of Klagenfurt?

I was looking for a master’s programme that offered in-depth media and cultural studies, but also gave me the option of advancing in business administration with additional courses. In Klagenfurt, I found that paired with an environment that allows me to be close to my supervisors and, of course, in a wonderfully liveable city that I fell in love with from the very first moment.

Can you remember an unforgettable experience you made during your studies?

Unforgettable for me is my time at the Student Union (ÖH), which among other things made it easier for me to arrive in the new city. I used the opportunities to actively participate in university life. I was able to learn and gain a lot of experience during this work, which I often benefit from in my work life today.

If you were to study again, you would…

…enroll in more courses that are not part of my curriculum. Because, in my opinion, diversity and interdisciplinarity have had the biggest impact on my academic education.

How did your career develop?

While I was still a student, I accepted a full-time position in the marketing department of a tech start-up (where my application stood out mainly because of my time at the ÖH). After learning the basics and spending a year with wonderful colleagues there, I joined the IT company Anexia more than three years ago. There I am still working in marketing, although in the meantime I have specialised in internal and external communication. It was a positive experience for me to learn that one can venture into the technology sector as a humanities scholar and succeed there.

What is it that fascinates you about your job?

I like working with people. My approach to communication is therefore always the person: I am interested in the various situations, mindsets and backgrounds of people and try to design my output in such a way that I makes their work easier and provides them with the information they want and need. I see myself as a service provider and supporter. My sound education in sociological and cultural studies theories helps me immensely here.

What connects you to the AAU today?

I rarely come to university anymore, the USI still connects me. But in a small town like Klagenfurt I am always happy to meet former lecturers or fellow students.

What advice would you give to today’s students?

My recommendation to students: Do not think so much about the work life, do not choose what seems to be practical, but choose what interests you. A degree programme is not a job training programme, it is a personality development programme and, from this point of view, it also brings you much more for your later work life. You can still gain practical experience in part-time jobs.

Just a few words… with Lucia Schöpfer

When I think of Klagenfurt, I think of… hot summer days in Lendhafen, with sweaty fingers in one hand softening the paper of the Bachmann text, in the other hand the Spritzer (white wine + sparkling water) glass with melting ice in it.

My favourite place at the university is… the beach bar of the ÖH.

The first thing I do at the office in the morning is… greeting my colleagues with a smile.

Your studies in 3 words: diverse, free, young.