ÖGAI Award 2013-2016 for Patrick Rodler

Congratulations:  Patrick Rodler was awarded in January 2018 with the  Recognition Award of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence 2013-2016 (ÖGAI) for his outstanding master thesis “A Theory of Interactive Debugging of Knowledge Bases in Monotonic Logics”.

The Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence awards the ÖGAI-Award for the best diploma thesis / master thesis in a sub-area of Artificial Intelligence to support young scientists.

(from left to right): Prof. Stefan Woltran (Jury), Patrick Rodler (Winner), Prof. Ernst Buchberger (ÖGAI President), Thomas Krismayer (Winner), Prof. Thomas Eiter (Jury)

Habilitation Colloquium Dr. Erich Teppan

The Institute for Applied Computer Science, Research Group Intelligent Systems and Business Informatics invites you to the habilitation colloquium of Dr. Erich Teppan.

Time: Thursday, 18 January 2018, Start: 14:30 s. t.

Place: AAU, HS 2

Abstract: Constraint answer set programming (CASP) is a family of hybrid approaches integrating answer set programming (ASP) and constraint programming (CP). These hybrid approaches have already proven to be successful in various domains. In this talk the approach of heuristic CASP (HCASP) is presented. In HCASP, ASP is not only used for expressing constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) to be solved by a CP solver, but also for the encoding of search heuristics that are exploited by the CP solver. In particular, the HCASP solver ASCASS (A Simple Constraint Answer Set Solver), which provides novel methods for defining and exploiting search heuristics, is presented.

Angebot Praktikum Infomanagement/BWL im SS2018: Digitalisierung bei Kostwein / Klagenfurt

Hier finden Sie ein Praktikums-Angebot der Firma Kostwein (Klagenfurt) an Studierende des Info-Managements/BWL für das SS 2018

Details zum Praktikum finden Sie hier

Start: Sofort möglich

Dauer: 3-4 Monate

Bewerbungen mit den erforderlichen Unterlagen bitte an bewerbung [at] kostwein [dot] at


Das Wissen der Welt organisieren: AAU arbeitet mit Stanford University an Wissensbasis für US-Krebsforschungsinstitut

Das National Cancer Institute in New York hat über 160.000 logische Sätze zu Krebserkrankungen gesammelt. Mit der Wissensbasis will man Zusammenhänge zwischen Symptomen, Genen und potenziellen Ursachen analysieren. Konstantin Schekotihin arbeitet gemeinsam mit Forschern der Stanford University an deren Verbesserung.

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