Bachelor or Master Project – Elastic Input Devices

Technologies & Tools: Arduino • Android
Arduino is a popular open source hard­ware and soft­ware plat­form that can be used to »di­gi­ta­lize« phy­si­cal ob­jects. In this pro­ject we will use an Ar­du­ino mi­cro­con­trol­ler and stre­tch sen­sors to ex­plo­re ways to cre­ate ela­stic ob­jects that can be used as com­pu­ter in­put de­vices. In the first pro­ject pha­se you will get fa­mi­liar with the Ar­du­ino Soft­ware (IDE) and ba­sic hard­ware (sen­sors and con­troller boards). The work in the se­cond pro­ject pha­se will fo­cus on read­ing data from a stre­tch sen­sor and pre­par­ing the data for further use on an Android-smart­phone or smart­watch. This project can also be extended into a Master project.