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40. Symposium zur Geschichte Millstatts und Kärntens. Hrsg. von Sabine Seelbach. Frank & Timme: Berlin, 2024

The results of the 40th symposium “The History of Millstatt and Carinthia” reflect the region’s rich and varied cultural history. The authors engage with it from various perspectives: landscape, architecture, art, codicology and science history. Their discussions lead from the question whether the Oldenburg (near Spittal) was Carinthia’s largest stronghold to the journey taken by illuminated parchments from Italy to Millstatt, an example of international mediaeval book culture. They prove how prominent texts have been identified with the help of Millstatt parchment fragments, a fact that raises new questions about the literature canon in monasteries. The correspondence between anthropologist Felix von Luschan and Carlo de Marchesetti allows insights into science history around 1900. Very close to contemporary debates is the analysis of Felix von Luschan’s portrait collection, which permits the re-evaluation of anthropological portrait photography of other cultures.

Of particular interest is Ulrich Seebach’s contribution: he talks about his most recent research in Klagenfurt University Library’s parchment fragments, several of which he was able to identify and describe for the first time.

Missale Fragment PE 52