Does smell sell? Overview study provides evidence of ambient scent effects in consumer settings

Within the scope of a detailed meta-analysis, Holger Roschk has examined 64 studies with 71 samples and a total of 15,000 test persons to find out to what extent ambient scents have an effect on experiences and activities in shopping and service environments. Results show: Under ideal conditions, scents can have a positive influence on customer behaviour. 

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Jan Breitsohl visiting the Unit of Service Management

Jan Breitsohl is currently visiting the Unit of Service Management. He is associate professor at Kent Business School (University of Kent, UK) and a distinguished scholar in the area of digital marketing. His research visit aims to develop a new cooperation in teaching and research. More about Jan

Paper Acceptance at the 2019 Frontiers in Service Conference in Singapore!

Christina-Franca Feyertag has just recently received the honor of acceptance for her abstract entitled “Coalitions, Social Exclusion and Recovery in Trilateral Service Failure Constellations” at the Frontiers in Service Conference 2019 in the vibrant city of Singapore! The Frontiers in Service Conference is the world’s leading service conference , featuring a unique international mix of business people and academics, and a cross-functional list of topics, including service science, service innovation, service marketing, service operations, service human resources, service information technology, e-service, service innovation, and customer relationship management. Speakers at the conference include many of the world’s leading service experts, including high-ranking executives and prominent academics. Numerous high quality submissions have been made.  We look forward to having Mrs. Feyertag represent the AAU and our department and are confident that the conference will be exciting, stimulating and provide innovative ideas for future research.

Customers who pay for their purchases by card are less likely to remember the precise amount paid

The transparency of spending money depends on the mode of payment used: cash, single-function cards that offer only a payment function, or multifunctional cards which may also include bonus programmes, user identification or other functions. A recent study has shown that the recall accuracy associated with the act of paying is lower for both card formats than it is for cash transactions.

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