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Vortrag im Rahmen des Doctoral Seminars von Frau Margaretha Gansterer

11. März 2020 um 10:00 - 10:45

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Institut für Mathematik


Pushing frontiers in auction-based transport

In collaborative logistics, carriers form coalitions in order to perform parts
of their operational business jointly. Combinatorial auctions can be used
to exchange transportation requests without having to reveal critical information. Collaborators submit requests for exchange to a common pool.
The requests in the pool are then grouped into bundles either
by the auctioneer or by the carriers themselves, and offered for auction.
While in the literature it is mostly assumed that both bundling and bidding
is done by the carriers, our study shows that bundles built by the auctioneer under
incomplete information can yield significantly higher collaboration profits,
and allow for a lower number of bundles to be generated. From a practical
point of view, offering all possible bundles is not manageable, since the
number of bundles grows exponentially with the number of traded requests.
We show how the complete set of bundles can be efficiently reduced to a
subset of attractive ones. For this we define the Bundle Generation Problem
(BuGP). The objective function, however, could only be evaluated if carriers
reveal sensitive information, which would be unrealistic. Thus, we develop
a proxy for the objective function for assessing the attractiveness of bundles
under incomplete information. This is used in a genetic algorithms-based
framework that aims at producing attractive and feasible bundles, such
that all requirements of the BuGP are met. We achieve very good solution
quality, while reducing the computational time for the auction procedure
significantly. This is an important step towards running combinatorial
auctions of real-world size, which were previously intractable due to their
computational complexity.

Prof. Dr. Margareta Gansterer

Senka Haznadar (senka [dot] haznadar [at] aau [dot] at)


11. März 2020 um 10:00 - 10:45 Uhr
zum Veranstaltungskalender


11. März 2020 um 10:00 - 10:45 Uhr
zum Veranstaltungskalender