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Towards a Data-driven Identification of Teaching-Patterns

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When it comes to integrating digital technologies into the classroom in higher education, many teachers face similar challenges. Nevertheless, it is difficult for teachers to share experiences because it is usually not possible to transfer successful teaching scenarios directly from one area to another, as subject-specific characteristics make it difficult to reuse them. To address this problem, instructional scenarios can be described as patterns that have been used previously in educational contexts. Patterns can capture proven teaching strategies and describe instructional scenarios in a consistent structure that can be reused. Because priorities for content, methods, and tools are different in each domain, a consensus-tested taxonomy was first developed with the goal of modeling a domain-independent database to collect digital instructional practices. In addition, this presentation will present preliminary insights into a data-driven approach to identifying effective instructional practices from interdisciplinary data as patterns. A web-based application will be developed for this that can both collect teaching/learning scenarios and individually extract scenarios from patterns for a learning platform.