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Linguistics Research Day: Ca‘ Foscari Linguistics Goes Klagenfurt

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Talk 1 (10.00-11.00), A. Giorgi and R. Hinterhölzl, The expression of surprise in syntax, gestures and prosody: an experimental study on German and Italian.
Talk 2 (11.00-12.00), G. Bencini, The contributions of sentence production research to linguistics: addressing the “why” the “what” and the “how”.
Talk 3 (14.00-15.00), D. Newbold, Attitudes to accents: the special case of English lingua franca.
Talk 4 (15.00-16.00), M.E. Fina, Investigating multimodality in cultural heritage promotion: from genre analysis to translation teaching.


Alessandra Giorgi
Roland Hinterhölzl
Giulia Bencini
David Newbold
Maria Elisa Fina


Marta Degani (marta [dot] degani [at] aau [dot] at)