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WiWi_Guest Lecture: Good Governance: Practices of Local Development from Ukraine

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The presentation presents the successful cases of local development of those territorial communities in Ukraine where Dr. Rastvorova used to work as an expert for local development in the period of 2020-2021. Dr. Rastvorova will talk about the Ukrainian context of local and regional development, the implementation of decentralization reforms, and the results of two big projects on local development in different regions of Ukraine, covering in total 12 territorial communities. She will also give an update on how these territorial communities manage to resist in the situation of the current war and how they apply the implemented practices of good governance nowadays.

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We really ask you to make any charity donation to help the foundation: Impulse.UA to support Ukrainian people.


Dr. Mariia Rastvorova
is an Associate Professor of the University of Economics “KROK” (Kyiv, Ukraine). She is currently a visiting fellow at the University of Graz. She holds a PhD in Human Geography, and her thesis was dedicated to the city development management of industrial cities, role of territorial identity, and civil engagement in local development. Dr. Rastvorova has gained a second Master degree in Public Administration and works both as a researcher and practitioner in the fields of tourism, regional and local development, and local branding. Mariia has been engaged as an expert in various international projects on the development of territorial communities and works as a PR-manager for the touristic development of Kyiv.


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