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Contested Extractivism

21. Juni 2017 um 14:00

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IFF Wien, Schottenfeldgasse 29
SR 3b

Institut für Soziale Ökologie


Between 2000-2012, high prices on the world market and increasing demands for raw materials from new and old centers of industrial production (China, Europe), accompanied by insecurities on the financial markets, triggered a global resource boom. Also through this boom a resource dependent development model, which since the late 2000s has been known as ‘extractivism’ or ‘neoextractivism’, became a truly promising strategy for growth for many governments in the Global South. Extractivism is generally defined as a growth-orientated development pathway based on the extraction and export of raw materials. Although prices on the world markets have dropped recently, a post-extractivist cycle is (still) not in sight.
The resource boom, the promotion of resource-led development and austerity politics have led in many countries around the world to a spatial expansion of mining into areas hitherto sparsely exposed to capital forces. This expansion is linked to deep socio-spatial and political transformation processes. Against this background, social conflicts involving an increasing number of different state, non-state, and private sector actors have been triggered.
The presentation focuses on conflicts over mining and resource extraction in the context of the recent resource boom in Latin America: conflict issues, actor constellations, and strategies in conflicts over the current expansion of mining are being analyzed as well as the interrelation between multiple crises of the global political economy and social protest. The presentation ends with a discussion of challenges for a socio-ecological transformation that take transnational interrelations into account.

Dr. Kristina Dietz, FU Berlin

Sophie Koppensteiner (sophie.koppensteiner [at]


21. Juni 2017
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