Master Applied Business Administration

Branch of Study Entrepreneurship

Contents of degree programme

The Master’s degree programme Applied Business Administration serves to provide a scientific education and professional training for management positions in public and private companies and organisations in a wide range of business sectors. It is comprised of the compulsory subjects from the field of Business Administration, which are “Introduction to the Master degree program Applied Business Administration” and “Expansion of Competencies”, accounting for 20 ECTS credits, the restricted electives as stipulated by the three branches of study (48 ECTS credits), and courses chosen from the free electives worth a total of 6 ECTS credits. The focus of the Master’s degree programme is on the high practical relevance of the skills and concepts taught, allowing students to solve management problems. In the branch of study Entrepreneurship students must complete the specialist subjects “Entrepreneurship I”, “Entrepreneurship II – Sociology”, “Special Topics from Business Administration” and “Law”.

Fact Box

Duration: 4 Semester
ECTS: 120
Level of qualification: Master’s degree programme
Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Prerequisites: Yes
Supplemental examinations: Yes
Entrance examination: No
Language of instruction: German, English

Contact details

Student Guidance Service
E-Mail: studieninfo [at] aau [dot] at

Office of the Programme Director
Website of the Programme Director
E-Mail: bewerbung [at] aau [dot] at

Student Representatives
Website of the Student Representatives
E-Mail: oeh [dot] abw [at] aau [dot] at

Study objectives

Students receive a scientifically-based well-founded education in Business Administration with particular specialisation in the area of Entrepreneurship. They are perfectly equipped to

  • consider interrelations extending beyond the business administration aspects in the course of the envisaged management activities
  • meet the demands of the Austrian economy in their roles as flexible all-rounders and specialists in interdisciplinary areas.
  • adjust to the continuously shifting conditions and decreasing planning certainty and stability in global competition.
  • find solutions for management issues, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Admission to the degree programme

The admission to the degree programme must take place before the end of the extension period (winter semester: 9 July to 30 November | summer semester: 8 January to  30 April).



Bachelor’s degree programme Applied Business Administration, Business & Law, or Information Management or a degree programme of equivalent academic value at another post-secondary educational institution.

Information on Bachelor’s degree programmes that are relevant for admission (PDF)

Supplemental examinations

Depending on the nature of the previous degree, students may be required to take supplementary examinations.

Programme structure


Fach Fachbezeichnung ECTS
Pflichtfächer Einführung in das Masterstudium ABW 14
Kompetenzerweiterung 6
Gebundenes Wahlfach Studienzweig Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship I
  • Entrepreneurship II – Soziologie
  • Special Topics aus BWL
  • Recht
Praxis Praxis 18
Seminar zur Aufarbeitung der Praxis 1
Masterarbeit Masterarbeit 23
Seminar(e) zur Masterarbeit 4
Freie Wahlfächer 6
Summe 120

Practical training

During the course of the Master’s degree programme, students are required to complete a relevant practical placement worth 18 ECTS credits in a domestic or foreign company, in public administration or in a non-profit organisation, or in a non-university research institution. In order to successfully complete the placement, students must attend a seminar evaluating the placement (worth 1 ECTS credit) and must process and scientifically reflect their experiences in a written report. It is not permitted to schedule the placement to take place during the last registered semester.

Periods of study abroad

Students are encouraged to complete at least one semester at a foreign university during the course of the Master’s degree programme Applied Business Administration – Branch of Study Entrepreneurship. The intercultural exchange and the acquisition of language skills provide an ideal preparation for careers in the globalised economy.

Erasmus+ and Joint Study programs allow students to study at numerous partner universities in Europe and across the globe.

Careers and occupational profiles

Graduates of the Master’s degree programme Applied Business Administration – Branch of Study Entrepreneurship are qualified for management positions in public and private companies and organisations in a wide range of business sectors.

What our graduates say

Mag. Dr. Erlfried Taurer

“The degree programme at Klagenfurt University represents a valuable addition to my exciting professional activities. Thanks to my studies, I am able to analyse market developments much more accurately – and hence, I am able to base my decisions on a much firmer foundation. The personal contact with the professors and their close relationship with their students were particularly important to me.“

Mag. Dr. Erlfried TaurerConstantia Industries AG

Continuing your studies

Upon successful completion of the Master’s degree programme Applied Business Administration, students can continue their studies in the Doctoral degree programme.

Specialist courses

Within the scope of the free electives and in accordance with the respective curriculum, students can receive credits for individual courses or for entire modules from other subject areas.

Term dates & deadlines

Winter semester 2019/20

General admission period:
9 July to 5 September

Extended admission period:
6 September to 30 November

To the academic year

Term dates & deadlines

Summer semester 2020

General admission period:
8 January to 5 February 2020

Extended admission period:
6 February to 30 April 2020

To the academic year