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Professor of Stochastic Processes

The Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt strives to appoint a greater number of qualified women to professorships.

The Department of Statistics at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt seeks to appoint a

Professor of Stochastic Processes

in accordance with § 99 of the Austrian Universities Act. This is a full-time position, commencing at the earliest opportunity with a fixed term not exceeding 5 years.

The Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt is a young, vibrant and innovative university with more than 10,000 students and it forms a gateway between Mediterranean and Alpine cultures, situated in a region with an exceptionally high quality of life. As public university pursuant to § 6 of the Universities Act, the university receives federal funding. The university operates under the motto “Beyond Boundaries!”.

In accordance with its key strategic road map, the Development Plan, the university’s primary guiding principles and objectives include the pursuit of scientific excellence in relation to the appointment of professors, favourable research conditions, a good faculty-student ratio, and the promotion of the development of young scientists.

At the time of the faculty’s launch in 2007, the existing departments in this field were grouped together to form the Faculty of Technical Sciences. As a result of synergies, the faculty has since expanded to encompass the three specialist fields of computer science, information and communications technology, and mathematics, and is currently endowed with a total of 23 professorships and 16 associated professorships (see

We are looking for a highly qualified and internationally recognized scientist who is capable of representing the subject in teaching and research, with high engagement in developing and sustaining an ambitious and innovative research program.

The focus of the new position shall be directed at the principles of Probability Theory as well as specific areas of application of Stochastic processes, the latter with a preference for one or more of the fields of modern computer science, information processing, and communication technology (image and signal processing, financial data engineering, actuator and sensor technology, and mobile communication networks, etc.).

The duties of the position include:


  • Representing the academic field of „Probability Theory“ as a whole through research and teaching, with a focus on at least one of the following areas: “Markov decision processes”, Stochastic finance”, „Stochastic calculus“, „Stochastic numerical analysis“, or „Stochastic networks“, and applications thereof
  • Active co-responsible participation in the degree program “Technische Mathematik” at Bachelor and Master level, as well as in other relevant degree programs
  • Advising and mentoring of students
  • Promotion and qualification of junior academic colleagues
  • Planning, acquisition and management of competitive third-party funded research projects (proposal-based research)
  • Contribution to public relations activities of department and faculty
  • Participation in academic self-governance and university management



  • Habilitation or equivalent qualification in mathematics/statistics
  • Excellent research and publication record in the areas relevant to the duties of the position
  • Proven university teaching record and proficiency in higher education didactics
  • Experience in the supervision of academic theses at all graduation levels
  • Experience in the acquisition, implementation and management of research projects with third-party funding
  • Competence in the organisation and leadership of teams.

The candidate is expected to

  • teach the courses „Stochastics I and II“ within the bachelor degree program „Technische Mathematik“ in German, and courses within the master degree program „Technische Mathematik“ (in particular, the courses „Stochastic Processes I and II“) in English,
  • participate in shaping the profile of the Department of Statistics and cooperate with the Department of Mathematics; closely connect to the existing core areas of both departments (applied statistics, dynamic systems, system identification and discrete mathematics) and support the joint doctorate program „Modeling, Simulation, Optimization“,
  • develop interdisciplinary cooperation efforts within the faculty’s core areas of „Modeling, Simulation, Control and Optimization of Complex Systems“ and „Self-organizing Embedded Systems“,
  • set up trans-disciplinary national and international cooperation projects as well as cooperation arrangements with industry and business administration partners.


Additional assets:

  • Solid experience in the international research arena
  • Capability to undertake interdisciplinary cooperation efforts
  • Competence in gender mainstreaming and diversity management


The remit of the professorship requires that the future professor shall establish Klagenfurt as her/his primary work Location.

The position does not include any commitment to additional positions for centrally financed co-workers, with the exception of student assistants.

Empirical studies have revealed that women tend to submit an application when they meet close to 100 % of the criteria, whereas men are likely to apply as soon as they meet approximately   60 % of the criteria. The university is committed to increasing the number of women among the academic staff, particularly in high-level positions, and therefore specifically invites applications from qualified women. Among equally qualified candidates, women will receive preferential consideration.

People with disabilities or chronic diseases who meet the qualification criteria are explicitly invited to apply.

The salary will be individually negotiated. The minimum gross salary for a position at this level (Salary group A1 for University Staff / Kollektivvertrag für die Arbeitnehmer/innen der Universitäten) is currently € 68.500 per year.

As of late, in accordance with the Austrian Income Tax Act, an attractive relocation tax allowance can be granted for the first five years in the case of appointments to professorships in Austria. The prerequisites are subject to examination on a case by case basis.

Please submit your application by e-mail, consisting of a mandatory principal part not exceeding five pages (for more detailed information please refer to, an exhaustive list of publications and lectures and of all courses taught in the last five years, as well as any supplementary documents where applicable (e.g. course evaluations), to the Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt, Office of the Senate, f.a.o. Ms. Sabine Tomicich (sabine.tomicich [at] no later than 23rd April 2017. Submission of the mandatory principal part mentioned above constitutes a necessary condition for the validity of your application.

For general information please refer to the information leaflet provided at, for specific information about the position please contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manfred Borovcnik (Tel.: +43 463 2700 3116; Manfred.Borovcnik [at]

We regret that the Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt cannot reimburse applicants’ travel and lodging expenses incurred as part of the selection and/or hiring process.