Nikola Kazimirovic, BA MSc

Our esteemed colleague Nikola Kazimirovic is leaving.

After more than half a year in the team, Mr. Nikola Kazimirovic, M.Sc., will leave us at the end of this year. We regret his decision but wish him nonetheless in his future endeavours and goals!

Our colleague Nikola Kazimirovic is a young researcher with an outstanding and distinctly diverse background in many fields of work, studies and experiences. Born and raised in Serbia, Nikola Kazimirovic came to Austria as a teenager to pursue lofty but achievable goals and to take advantage of the Austrian school system. With a rich intercultural and entrepreneurial experience, strong and distinct personality traits, and an inquisitive mind, Nikola Kazimirovic was a research associate in our new project (Coalitions in Service Failures).
Visit his website for more information or enquiries, as he is available for projects, employments and freelance duties in the areas of design, marketing and video/audio-production.