Muhidul Islam Khan: Work-Life-Balance

Alumni Muhidul Islam Khan has completed the PhD program “Interactive and Cognitive Environments (ICE)” at the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems. He advises students to study, but not to forget about their personal lifes.

What originally attracted you to the University of Klagenfurt? What originally attracted you to the University of Klagenfurt?
I didn´t choose Klagenfurt, they chose me.

When I think of Klagenfurt, I immediately think of…my daughter. She was born in Klagenfurt six years ago.

What unforgettable experience did you have during your studies?
The 5th October 2013, my daughter’s birthday.
The 2nd September 2014, my oral defence.

If I were to study again, I would… be better organized. In terms of studying and in terms of handling my personal life.

Did you spend time abroad? Was that important from today’s point of view?
I also studied in Bangladesh, Hungary, China, Estonia and Italy.

What fascinates you most about your profession?
Especially to implement protocols for wireless networks that can schedule the tasks automatically and dynamically.
I was motivated by the publication in my bachelor’s degree. This is rare in my country. It was difficult to publish a bachelor’s paper. That motivated me to pursue further studies. 

What has been your favourite experience in your professional career so far?
Good feedback from my students. This is really energizing to work harder.

I advise students… to study, but don´t forget about your personal life!

What was your favourite spot at the university during your studies?
My office at Lakeside Labs, unlimited coffees and the great surroundings.

What was your favourite place in Klagenfurt?
Minimundus and Europapark.

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