Moving to Klagenfurt to study: Two cities where you feel at home

The Upper Austrian Katharina Zarembach came to Klagenfurt via detours. Now she is enjoying the bachelor’s programme Media and Communications here. She has advice for you on how to choose the right place to study and how to start your studies in the best way.

Why did you come from Upper Austria to Carinthia to study?

(laughs) It took a little while. I am 21 years old now. I graduated at 18, then I went to Vienna first. I did not know what to do with my life at all. After all, it is hard to make a study choice at 18. I studied Italian and Computer Science in Vienna to become a teacher. But I dropped out after a year, because I realised: That is not the one for me.

What did you do instead?

After that I wanted to become a veterinarian, which is why I took the entrance examination at the VetMed University – just for testing purposes. As expected, I did not pass it. I then worked for a veterinarian for a year and trained as a veterinary assistant at the same time, hoping to have better chances of passing the entrance exam. Unfortunately, I was then again missing a point for admission to the university. So that was it!

So how did you come up with Media and Communications?

I had a basic interest of it. Then I saw an advertisement for the University of Klagenfurt on Instagram, which appealed to me a lot.

With what feeling did you make the final decision?

It was no problem for me to go to Klagenfurt. Fortunately, I have no problems fitting into new surroundings, even if I do not know anyone yet.

You have then left the exciting city of Vienna behind you.

Yes, but for me Vienna is simply too big. There are so many people on the move, at the university everything is impersonal. Here in Klagenfurt the teachers know me. I think that is great here. Wörthersee is absolutely beautiful, unfortunately we do not have that in Linz either. The fact that Klagenfurt is smaller also has the advantage that you do not live so far away from your friends. In Vienna you often have to travel 40 minutes by underground to visit someone. In Klagenfurt, you can often even walk. I think that is really cool.

Upon which criteria you should choose your place of study?

All I can say is that distance should definitely not play a role. Also, it is often not wise to just follow your friends. Here in Linz, almost everyone goes to Vienna after finishing school, which is why I did that too. I did not even look for other opportunities. But what everyone else does, does not have to be the right journey for you. The most important thing is: Choose a subject that really interests you! And go to a place where you can study the way you want to.

What advice do you have for starting your studies?

Right from the start, you should try to get to know a lot of new people and make contacts. The Welcome Days are a good opportunity to do this. If you know a lot of people, everything is easier, both at the beginning of your studies and during your studies.

What do you want to do after your studies?

I would like to work behind the scenes of media, in the production of television or radio. I can also imagine working in event management.

How is your Corona semester going?

It is nice not having to travel so much by train, but I am already missing the atmosphere on campus. It is very nice that there are two cities where you feel at home. I am looking forward to when the classroom teaching starts again in autumn.