ICS Presentations at CAiSE2020

From 8th to 12th June the 32nd edition of the CAiSE conference take place, hosted by the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble (LIG) at University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA, France). Because of coronavirus pandemic, the (more than 1000) participants all over the world met each other online.

O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Eder was one of the speakers at the opening conference and presented, together with Univ.-Ass. Dipl.Ing. Marco Franceschetti, two papers about current results:

  • Scheduling Processes without Sudden Termination. (Eder, J., Franceschetti, M., Lubas, J.)
  • Designing Decentralized Business Processes with Temporal Constraints. (Franceschetti, M., Eder, J.)


Planning and scheduling in business processes

Eder, Franceschetti and Lubas observed that in time-constrained processes actors are forced to suddenly terminate some tasks while they are still running, in order to meet some temporal constraints. Such a behavior may be annoying, unacceptable, or even impossible. Therefore, they propose a method, based on Temporal Constraint Networks, to identify constellations leading to potential sudden termination in process definitions.  In addition, they propose methods to improve the design of processes to prevent sudden termination and to verify temporal correctness of these improved processes.

Video presentation on YouTube:


Decentralized Business Processes

In their work about decentralized processes, Eder and Franceschetti support the design of time-constrained collaborations with timeliness and privacy guarantees.

Franceschetti about the content of the work:

We propose a language for designing local processes, participating in a collaboration, which exchange temporal information to realize Temporal Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Furthermore we support process designers in checking temporal correctness of collaborations and in computing Temporal SLAs with guarantees of temporal correctness, with techniques based on Temporal Constraint Networks.”

Video presentation on YouTube: