Guest lecture series “The European Union in times of crisis”

The Institute of Public Management invites to a guest lecture series featuring the theme “The European Union in times of crisis” taking place on

Saturday, October 29th 2022

The guest lecture series is an integral part of the lecture “The European Union – history, functioning & current challenges” facilitated by Rene Reiterer, auditor at the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg. The aim of this format is to provide students and interested external participants with first-hand insights into the functioning of the European Union and to cast a critical eye on the EU’s response measures to current health and safety crises.


Opening address by

Paolo Rondo-Brovetto, head of the departement for Public Management and Rene Reiterer


With contributions by

Peter Kaiser, Governor of the State of Carinthia

Valentin Wegerth, Head of the Unit for EU Budget and International Budget Policy, Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance

Helga Berger, Austrian Member, European Court of Auditors

Sabine Piska-Schmidt, Head of the Unit for EU Jobs and Crossmentoring, Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport


See programme for details.