Friederike Wall| Foto: aau/Puch

Friederike Wall receives the “Best Application Paper Award“

For her paper “Coordination and Search for New Solutions: An Agent-based Study on the Tension in Boundary Systems”, researcher Friederike Wall received the “Best Application Paper Award” at the International Conference on Decision Economics (DECON 2019) in Ávila (Spain) in June 2019.

Her research primarily focuses on decision-making processes in organisations, in particular the coordination of decentralized decision-making regarding company goals, using agent-based simulations. In this particular research paper, Friederike Wall examines the effects of coordination mechanisms in interrelation with various search strategies of decentralized decision makers on an organisation’s performance. It addresses decision-making problems which have to be solved on several management levels, and investigates so-called “boundary systems”, which limit the decision-making scope of the individual agents. The findings reveal that in the case of highly complex problems, more “conservative” search strategies and a more limited scope of action have more positive effects on the organisation’s performance than is the case in less complex problems.

Friederike Wall has been a professor at the Department of Management Control and Strategic Management since 2009. Her research foci are agent-based simulations in management control, information quality and validity of management accounting systems, decision-making behaviour in management, and stakeholder-oriented management control. In autumn 2013, Friederike Wall was accepted in the section “Economics, Business & Management Sciences“ of the “Academia Europaea“.

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