EMISA Journal – Special Issue on Conceptual Modelling in honour of Heinrich C. Mayr

On the occasion of Heinrich C. Mayr’s 70th birthday, the current issue of the EMISA Journal was published under the title “Special Issue on Conceptual Modelling in Honour of Heinrich C. Mayr“.

In this issue of the EMISA Journal, dedicated to Heinrich C. Mayr, 76 renowned authors, many of whom have been companions of Heinrich C. Mayr for many years, wrote 26 articles on topics ranging from the basics of conceptual modelling, petri nets, business processes, ontology-based modelling and software engineering to database and application engineering.

The bound ‘first edition of this commemorative publication’ was handed over to Heinrich C. Mayr at the evening event of the conference “Modellierung 2018″  at the premises of the Alstadtrathaus Braunschweig, the Dornse (see photo: Heinrich C. Mayr with one of the editors Judith Michael).









The EMISA Journal (Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures – International Journal of Conceptual Modeling) is a peer reviewed Open Access Journal focusing on new and innovative approaches to conceptual modeling and its application.