Doc.funds Students attending Austrian Stochastic Days in Leoben

Corona makes it very difficult to participate in live conferences these days, but fortunately the 9th Austrian Stochastics Days took place at the University of Leoben on September 9 and 10, 2021.

The four doc.funds PhD students, Iris Rammelmüller, Verena Schwarz, Kathrin Spendier & Iryna Vasylieva, attended the conference and took the opportunity to hear interesting talks from colleagues in stochastics and to present their own research.

Kathrin Spendier gave a talk entitled: Convergence of the tamed-Euler-Maruyama scheme for SDEs with discontinuous and polynomially growing drift.

Enthusiastic about exchanging ideas with other researchers, making contacts and learning from them, the young female scientists are working towards being back next year at the 10th Austrian Stochastics Days (in Vienna) to present their scientific results.