Coronavirus: Information & Recommendations

Due to current developments in neighbouring regions, we would like to inform you about developments and recommendations regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

As the situation is continuously changing, we ask you to use the links below to obtain an up-to-date overview.

General information on self-protection and protection of others, on how to deal with people at risk and those who are ill can be found here:

Recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research are summarised here:


You have visited a risk area?

If you have been in one of the risk areas, please contact your OU management by telephone or e-mail to discuss the further procedure and a possible leave of absence. Here you can see which areas, regions and places are currently covered: Information on Italy can be found at under the heading “Current Information”.

If you experience symptoms of illness, please proceed according to the official guidelines. If an infection is confirmed, please inform the university management immediately via the e-mail address krankenstandsmeldung [at] aau [dot] at, so that the necessary measures can be taken on campus.


This is how you can protect yourself and others:

The preventive measures are similar to those against influenza (real flu). “Correct” and frequent hand washing (soaping for at least 20 seconds) is strongly recommended. In the next few days, disinfectant solution dispensers will also be installed in the toilet facilities. Even if it may seem strange to you, we currently recommend a “contactless greeting” without shaking hands. Above all, do not come to the university sick. This is not the time for presenteeism, take care of yourself and others!


What does the start of the semester look like?

At the moment, no restrictive measures, such as cancelling lectures, are necessary. If anything changes, we will inform you immediately.

Please also inform colleagues about these measures if they do not have access to the intranet. From tomorrow on (27.02.2020, 12.00 noon) we will also keep you informed via our website (


Please take care of yourself and your health, be prudent and attentive, but not unduly alarmed.

With best regards,

The University Management + AAU Health Management