Celebrating ‘50 years of maths’ in Klagenfurt

The 50th anniversary of the scientific discipline of mathematics at the University of Klagenfurt will be celebrated this summer.  Since the establishment of the first two chairs in 1974 with a focus on the didactics of mathematics, three departments have been formed, which jointly invite you to the anniversary celebrations on the 25th of June 2024 with a Gauss Lecture, a competition, and an interactive exhibition.

The Department of Didactics of Mathematics, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics are pleased to present the anniversary ceremony, at which Prof. Dr. Monique Laurent (CWI Amsterdam and Tilburg University) will deliver the Gauss Lecture ‘Positivity, Sums of Squares and Optimisation’ (in English). The ceremony, which marks the beginning of the anniversary celebrations and is also their highlight, will take place in lecture theatre 4 in the central wing of the university at 2 pm.

The ceremony will be opened by Prof. Dr. Joachim Escher, President of the German Mathematical Society (DMV). Afterwards, Prof. Dr Johannes Wallner (Chairman of the Austrian Mathematical Society – ÖMG), Senate Chairman Prof. Dr. Martin Hitz and Dean Prof. Dr. Clemens Heuberger will address the audience.

Professor emeritus Dr. Willibald Dörfler, holder of the first Chair of Mathematics at the University of Klagenfurt, will talk about ‘beginning from nothing’. Finally, the renowned French mathematician Prof. Dr. Monique Laurent, whose research focuses on the field of discrete mathematics and optimisation, will deliver the very first Gauss Lecture in Austria to date, entitled ‘Positivity, Sums of Squares and Optimisation’. The Gauss Lecture is an honour awarded by the German Mathematical Society since 2001.

Please register for the ceremony at 50years [dot] math [at] aau [dot] by the 17th of June 2024.

In addition to the festival, a competition called ‘Making maths visible’ was held as well, in which students of all ages creatively presented maths contributions in a form of their choosing. The best submissions will be honoured by a jury of experts and presented as part of the ‘Understanding Mathematics’ exhibition.

The interactive exhibition will take place on campus from the 1st to the 4th of July 2024. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience and discover maths in a variety of ways. ‘Understanding Maths’ is primarily aimed at pupils of all school levels and their teachers and is open to the public. In addition, a supporting programme is offered to get to know the campus better. In order to be able to plan effectively, we ask larger groups, e.g. school classes, to register by the 25th of June 2024 by e-mail to 50years 50years [dot] math [at] aau [dot]. When registering, please let us know if your group would also like a guided tour of the campus.

Programme for the celebration ’50 years of Math’ in Klagenfurt including all relevant details.

Further information: www.aau.at/en/50-years-of-maths/