Coaching Meets (Applied Linguistic) Research at the Department of English

Forthcoming Publication & Upcoming Event: Eva-Maria Graf’s „The Pragmatics of Executive Coaching” will be published in April 2019 as part of John Benjamin’s Pragmatics and Beyond New Series (303). The monograph and coaching as a new and innovative research field in applied linguistics will be the focus of an event in June 2019. Read more

Studying coincidence in literature and films

A position as post-doctoral researcher at the Department of English and American Studies brought Matthias Klestil to Klagenfurt from Bayreuth. His research currently focuses on material from literature and films, which addresses versionality and coincidence. In our interview with Matthias Klestil, he tells us about the paths that led him to Klagenfurt, and he reveals what he finds fascinating about the USA.

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Finding faults in Excel

A familiar situation for many: A large Excel file that includes many sheets, rows and columns – and in the end, the correct result stubbornly refuses to materialize. Troubleshooting can be complicated whenever numerous formulas and references are involved. Patrick Koch is working on the project “Debugging of spreadsheet programs (DEOS)”, funded by the FWF, which aims to simplify the search for errors. He recently received the “ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award” for his publication on this subject.

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Artificially intelligent metal detector for the needle in the haystack of knowledge

There are individuals who are immensely knowledgeable. And yet, as Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach tells us, “knowledge expands when it is shared.” But does knowledge that has been gathered in vast knowledge bases always remain free of errors? And how does one go about drawing accurate conclusions from collected knowledge? Patrick Rodler, Post Doc at the Department of Applied Informatics, is working on artificially intelligent error detection and error correction in knowledge bases.

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Smaller & lighter: Printed sensors for spectrometers

Imagine that a pipeline that stretches for miles and miles springs a leak. Traditionally, this would mean many miles of walking for someone tasked with finding the hole. In an ideal world, this search for the precise point of methanol leakage could also be performed by a drone, onto which a spectrometer has been mounted that specializes in analysing chemical samples. Existing devices are currently far too heavy; the drone would soon have to give up. Lisa-Marie Faller is working on a technology, with which the fitted spectrometers can be made much smaller and would therefore be suitable for this type of deployment, amongst others. In recognition of her work, the doctoral student received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE Conference EuroSimE in Dresden in April.

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Shaping digital creativity – with laptops, smartphones and other technology

Christian Kruschitz is researching how companies use digital media and applications to shape the workplace, by looking at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) currently undergoing digital transformations in Carinthia, Austria.

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Sommerferienbetreuung 2017

Auch in diesem Jahr wird die Sommerferienbetreuung des Familienservice 5 Wochen lang (31. Juli bis 1. September) angeboten. Das Angebot richtet sich vorrangig an Kinder von universitätsangehörigen Personen. Read more

“Today’s profiteers have to stop making profits”

Michael Gizicki-Neundlinger has carried out a case study exploring agriculture around Castle Grafenegg in Lower Austria during the 1830s. The social ecologist is convinced that the insights gained from the study could be used to better understand the state of current global agriculture.

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promotio sub auspiciis für Mathematikerin Evamaria Russ

„Mathematik macht man mit einhundert Prozent oder gar nicht“, so die Absolventin des Instituts für Mathematik an der Alpen-Adria-Universität Evamaria Russ. Aus Anlass ihrer Promotion kommt Bundespräsident Alexander Van der Bellen am 29. März 2017 (15:00 Uhr c.t., Hörsaal 4) an die Alpen-Adria-Universität.

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Neue Professur im März 2017 an der AAU

Im März 2017 wurde an der Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt eine neue Professur mit Katrin Döveling, Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften, besetzt.

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