library’s opening hours during the semester break 2019

SEMESTER BREAK (Feb 1 – 28, 2019)

Mon – Wed, Fri: 08:30 – 16:00
hu: 08:30 – 19:00
Sat/Sun: closed

members have unrestricted access to the library‘s reading rooms.

Registration for the 24-hour library is possible via the campus system under “My settings” >> 24-hour library.
Please register at least one day before you plan to use this service for the first time. Accounts are activated every day at midnight.


The new catalogue “surf@ubk” (new version) is online!

Dear users of Klagenfurt UL,
dear AAU students,

Ready to go:
We haven’t yet completed the system change, BUT:

The new version of our search engine is online: Surf@ubk
(of course also accessible from our homepage: :

You can do research again.
You can administrate your library account again.
You can order, borrow and return books again.
You can use the inter-library loan again.

To use all this, you now have to REGISTER on surf@ubk, using your AAU account!

“First aid” regarding the new interface on:

Of course, we are at your disposal for questions.
The dates for the “Introduction on how to use the library” will be fixed soon. Special attention will be given to surf@ubk.



At the same time, we ask you for a little further patience. We, too, have to get used to the new system, but we will do our best to help you!

Kind regards,
Your UL team

Annual Cleaning in the Library (17.-20.09.)

Dear AAU University Library users, dear AAU students,

From Monday, 17.09. (- 20.09.): Annual cleaning in the library!

Access is temporarily prohibited in certain areas  (this also includes shelves)!

Please use accessible areas.
In urgent cases, pleace contact library staff.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Kind regards,
Your UL Team

New schedule of fees and fines on 06.09.2018!

Dear AAU University Library users, dear AAU students,

Installation of the new library system „ALMA“ requires the adaptation of our fees and fines.

For your information – the new schedule of fees and fines comes into effect on 06.09.2018.

The most important changes concern overdue fines for everybody and registration fees for external users.

Overdue fines: From 06.09.2018, exceeding the loan period is charged with 50 cent per day/book.

Here you can find the complete schedule of fees and fine :

We ask all library users to observe their loan periods!

The customary email reminder remains in effect. This is no legally binding information but an additional service. As of 06.09.2018, all users also receive a loan receipt via email. The loan period stated on this receipt must be observed. We ask you to keep an eye on the email address linked to your library account.

Kind regards,
Your UL Team


System change: Last orders from closed stacks (20. + 21.08.)

Dear AAU University Library users, dear AAU students,

URGENT: no online catalogue until Sunday, 19.08, at the latest. New date for orders from closed stacks via catalogue (originally, 20.08.), NOW:

  • On Monday, 20.08, and Tuesday, 21.08., you can still order books from closed stacks! 
  • From 22.08. (until 16.09., at the latest), orders from closed stacks are not possible. Research/borrowing/returning/paying fees and access to your library account possible until 29.08.!

Reminder: please save your borowring history (if you wish) and make a note of your current reservations.

For detailed information:


Thank you for your ongoing understanding!

Kind regards,
Your UL Team

No local online catalogue 14.08.-19.08

Dear AAU Library users, dear AAU students,

ATTENTION: from 14.08.2018, 12:00 until 19.08.2018 at the latest, the local online catalogue (including orders)
and any other services connected to the online catalogue cannot be used due to preparations for the system change.
This is also true for the self-service kiosks. We are doing our utmost to keep this period as brief as possible!

  •  On 16.08. and 17.08., from 09:30 until 12:00, borrowing is possible at the loan desk.
  • Borrowed items can be returned to the return machine (outside entrance).

The borrowing period of items due during that time will be extended.


Kind regards,
Your UL team



New library system ALMA – restricted library services, summer 2018.

Klagenfurt University Library changes its library system in summer 2018.
Due to this change, library services are interrupted from August to September.

We kindly ask you to take this information into consideration in your work plans!Borrowing, returning, paying fines, user accounts

The following options are not available:

  • Access to library accounts
  • Borrowing and returning
  • Orders and reservations
  • Inter-library loans

Library catalogue (OPAC) – search engine “surf@ubk”

  • After the system change, the old library catalogue (OPAC) is no longer available.
  • Research in the catalogue and in “surf@ubk” are possible during the system change, though with restrictions. The search engine of the Austrian Union Catalogue is available without restrictions.
  • Existing reservations and your borrowing history cannot be entered into the new system (data protection). Please save your borrowing history and make a note of current reservations.
  • After the system change in mid-September, your account is administrated via “surf@ubk” (log-in via your AAU account).

Use of e-resources & open shelves 

  • Access to e-resources is possible during the system change as usual via DBIS (data base information system) and EZB (electronic journal library).
  • Access to and use of open shelves as well as 24/7 services are possible.

Special borrowing period in summer

To counteract these restrictions, we offer an extended borrowing option: 12.07. – 26.09.2018, 10 items from reading rooms, 20 items from closed access.


Detailed information about these inevitable service restrictions can soon be found on the University Library’s homepage: »

We thank you for your understanding.
Your Klagenfurt University Library team


Current exhibition near circulation desk: “literary awards’ winners 2018”

In May, the show case opposite the loan desk presents some of this year’s most prestigious literary awards’ winners:

  1. Pulitzer Prize for fiction: Andrew Jean Greer for “Lost”
  2. Günther-Andreas-Preis for critical thinking: Dietmar Dath
  3. Kasseler Literaturpreis for grotesque humour: Eckhard Henscheid

Training and introductory courses, summer term 2018

During the summer term, the library again offers training anhd introductory courses to anybody interested.
We offer the following courses:

  • Introduction on how to use the library for students
  • Surf@ubk & e-resources
  • Supervised database and internet research

You can find the dates on our posters in the library, on our homepage and on our facebook account.

On the e-learning platform MOODLE ( or at the library’s loan deask (Supervised database and internet research).



Current exhibition near circulation desk: “Zoom in Romania” (Leipzig Book Fair)

Focus country of this year’s Leipziger Buchmesse is Romania.

Under the heading “Zoom in Romania”, the Book Fair presents around 40 new translations.
The books in this month’s show case are from the library’s holdings and refer to the Leipzig event (show case, loan desk).